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What we do
FintechJobs.Today provides a unique online marketplace for tech job-seekers and employers. It contains both job opportunities in different countries throughout the world and lots of useful content about relocation.These Terms and Conditions may be modified from time to time, the most recent version is always available on our website.To start using our services as an employer, you must sign up. This is in order to verify your affiliation with the hiring company. After that, we’ll send you an email with further instructions on posting jobs to FintechJobs.Today.

According to the parameters stated by the Client, we may send the most relevant applicants for the Client’s review from the email address hello@taktech.software. Every week, where relevant, the Client will receive detailed statistics in connection to its published job listing(s).

2. Third parties

2.1 The Service may also include access to products and services of independent third parties either directly or via links to the sites which are operated by such third parties.In order to provide high quality services and maximize possible results, we reserve a right to announce the Client’s job requirements/vacancies on the social media, job aggregators, our partner’s websites and other proofed media which may exceed and improve the rendered Services. The Client, at any time, has full control over the provided information and the way it is spread. The Client, at any time, may request the list of online resources where its vacancy/job requirements have been posted, such information may be deleted on Client’s written request immediately.

2.2 The provider shall not in any way be responsible for any transaction concerning products or services made available from such third parties or for any content or information presented in connection with any products or services of third parties.

4. Commercial arrangements

3.1 If you subscribe for a monthly license to access our community services as an Employer, the license will implicitly renew for the same duration until such a time when you choose to terminate it.

3.2 We reserve the right to make changes to our business model and pricing. We will always inform you of any price increases, new terms or requirements impacting commercial agreements at least 30 days in advance.

3.3 If you choose to engage FintechJobs.Today on a success fee basis in line with our service offering, you will need to agree to the terms set forth in the success fee agreement which will be presented at the time of the job posting being promoted on a success fee basis.

3.4 For all queries regarding commercial terms of specifics of either the Subscription or Success Fee models offered by FintechJobs.Today you can contact us on hello@fintechjobs.today.

4. Community content requirements

Either by subscribing as an Employer with access to the community or by posting jobs purely on a Success Fee basis you are agreeing to create appropriate content that complies with our content guidelines listed below in 4.1

4.1 As a Client you shall not:

Upload the content that may be considered to be illegal/or breach any applicable laws;

Provide any information that is/or may be deemed to be misleading, false, promote illegal activities or in any other way harm the Provider’s reputation;

Publish or give references to the trademarks/logos and commercial names which do not belong to you;

Information or materials, that may solicit personal information not relevant to the job seeking process or in line with the legal framework for labour;

Provide links or materials to adult websites or other materials which may be prohibited from access to persons who are not in legal age;

Posts describing citizenship of a certain country or residence in a certain country as a condition of employment;

Links to the Provider’s direct competitors;

Promoting services of sexual character;

Promoting any political parties and related issues;

Providing jobs that require applicants to state information concerning their: (Ⅰ) racial or ethnic origin (Ⅱ) political beliefs (Ⅲ) philosophical or religious beliefs (Ⅳ) membership of a trade union (Ⅴ) physical or mental health (Ⅵ) sexual life (Ⅶ) the commission of criminal offences or proceedings, or (Ⅶ) age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity and/or any other ground that may be rendered unlawful in applicable law.We will do our best to provide up-to-to date information about the relevant candidate profiles, however, we do not responsible for content uploaded by users, including any content that contains/or may content incorrect information or is defamatory about a third party.

4.2 We regularly screen, edit and monitor any content on our website and reserve the right to remove, screen and/or edit any without notice and at any time. If you have noticed any content that contains/or may contain incorrect information or is defamatory about a third party, please contact us at hello@fintechjobs.today

5. Limitation of liabilities

5.1 You agree, that our sole liability is limited to the amount you paid us during the terms of this Agreement, whether that be licensing to access the Community or any additional sourcing fees incurred in line with subsequent agreements.

5.2 Except in jurisdictions where such provisions are restricted, the Provider, its licensors and contractors (including any third parties providing all or part of the services) shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages. Even if the Provider has been advised of the possibility of such damages, to the extent that a country does not permit the exclusion or limitation of liability as set forth herein, the Provider liability is limited to the extent permitted by law in such Country.

5.3 The Provider will do its best to provide up-to-date information concerning the potential candidates and provide the Services. The Client agrees that the Provider is not responsible and cannot check the correctness of the data provided by applicants. The Provider’s services are for informational purposes only, the Provider cannot guarantee that the applicant will be suitable for the Client’s Job requirements, or will pass a probation period according to the Client’s needs. The Provider cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising between applicant and the Client.

5.4 Provider shall do its best to provide up-to-date information and update it, however the Provider does not act as a recruiting company and cannot guarantee that the Client will find and employ the candidate in accordance to the announced requirements.

5.5 The Provider will take reasonable measures to maintain the privacy and security of all private information provided by you to the website, but third parties (such as hackers) may breach or attempt to breach the Provider's security measures or may gain unauthorized access to the Provider or other equipment containing your information. You agree that the Provider shall not be liable for damages of any sort, whether arising under contract, tort, or otherwise, with respect to any breach of security of the Provider website or any other company equipment or user information. If such event takes place/ or we believe that your personal data is under the risk we will inform you/respective authorities. We will use your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

5.6 Without limitation to the foregoing, and due to the complexity, variability and number of intermediaries/third parties involved with the provision of our Services, Internet connection, the development and speed of development, along with the spread of malicious code over the Internet, the Provider cannot give any guarantees as to the provision or constant provision of services, services being available by any particular time, or integrity of data stored or transmitted via our system or the Internet. The Provider will use all reasonable efforts to ensure that its systems are secured from any and all unauthorized access or the effects of any malicious code, but will not be held liable for any or all inadvertent disclosure of, corruption or erasure of any or all data transmitted, received or stored on its systems despite their efforts.

5.7 We reserve a right to suspend the Service for repair, maintenance, and/or upgrade work. In such event, the Provider shall make reasonable efforts to keep the said interruption as brief as is reasonably possible and with as little inconvenience to the Client as possible.

6. Payment for Services

The Provider’s services are paid by the Client in accordance with the relevant rates stipulated on the Provider’s website FintechJobs.Today.If the Client decides to use the Provider’s services, the Provider will issue a respective invoice to the Client.As a general rule, the payment for the service is not refundable after it has been made. However, if you feel unsatisfied with the service or found mistakes/errors in the work of the services, please feel free to contact us via the following email address: hello@taktech.software.The Provider will do its best to collect up-to-date information concerning the potential applicants and provide Services. However, the Client agrees that the Provider is not responsible for the correctness of the data provided by applicants. The Provider’s Services are for informational purposes only, the Provider cannot guaranty that the applicant will pass a probation period according to the Client’s needs. The Provider cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising between applicants and the Client.

7. Personal Data

7.1 Data protection is of utmost importance to the Provider. The Provider handles any data strictly confidentially and in accordance with the respective data protection regulations. User data is always stored securely. However, to operate such a system and to prepare invoices, it is sometimes necessary to store data and pass on the data to third parties.

7.2 Data will be used for invoicing, for technical administration and for consumer information according to our privacy policy.

7.3 We process information about you in accordance with our Privacy Policy. By using the Services, you consent to such processing and you warrant that all data provided by you is accurate. You are responsible for reviewing the terms of the privacy policy. By continuing to use the Services you are confirming that you accept the terms of the privacy policy.

7.4 We allow you to use data collected by us for the purposes of selecting employees. You may not collect, store or process the personal data of job seekers in a manner not provided in these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. For avoidance of doubt, you are not allowed to collect personal data of job seekers for the purposes to create your own manpower database. You are solely responsible for complying with applicable data protection laws for respecting the privacy of job seekers in respect of personal data that is processed by you via our servicesYou are not allowed to send to job seekers direct emails or any information not related to the job.

8. Intellectual Property Rights

8.1 Except as otherwise set forth herein, all right, title and interest in and to any intellectual property, proprietary rights or other rights related to intangible property which are used, developed, comprising, embodied in, or practiced in connection with any of the Service ("the Provider Intellectual Property Rights") are owned by the Provider or its licensors, and you agree to make no claim of interest in or ownership of any such the Provider Intellectual Property Rights.

8.2 You acknowledge that no title to the Provider Intellectual Property Rights is transferred to you, and that you do not obtain any rights, express or implied, in the Service, other than the rights expressly granted in this Agreement.

8.3 If you are a copyright owner or agent thereof and believe that any of our content infringes upon your copyright, please contact us at the following email address: hello@fintechjobs.today

9. Indemnification

9.1 You agree to indemnify and hold the Provider, its parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, directors, contractors, licensors and other partners and employees, harmless from any loss, liability, claim, or demand, including reasonable legal fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of or in connection with (a) your use of the Service, and (b) the breach by you of your representations and warranties set forth herein.

10. Arbitration and Governing Law

10.1 The exclusive means of resolving any dispute or claim arising out of or relating to these Terms of Use (including any alleged breach thereof), the Service, or the Website shall be Arbitration.

10.2 All disputes or claims arising out of or in connection with this contract including disputes relating to its validity, breach, termination or nullity shall be finally settled under the Rules of Arbitration of the International Arbitral Centre of the CCIAA (Camera di Commercio Milano Monza Brianza Lodi - Sede Milano) by one arbitrator appointed in accordance with the said Rules.

10.3 The number of arbitrators shall be one.

10.4 The substantive law of Italy shall be applicable.

10.5 The language to be used in the arbitral proceedings shall be Italian.

10.6 Pre-Arbitration Dispute Resolution. We are always interested in resolving disputes amicably and efficiently. So before you commence an arbitration, we suggest that you contact us to explain your complaint, as we may be able to resolve it without the need for arbitration. You may contact us at hello@taktech.software.

11. Miscellaneous

11.1 The Provider shall serve notices related to this contract by posting them on the Provider web site or by sending them to the e-mail address you have given to the Provider.

11.2 You may not assign or transfer in any other way the contract or any of your contractual rights.

11.3 The Provider shall have the right to assign its rights and obligations under this contract and any receivables based on this contract to a third party upon written notice to you, provided such assignment is made under terms not less favorable to you than those in these terms.

11.4 You acknowledge and agree that this agreement is subject to change by the provider at any time, which changes shall be effective upon posting such changes to the website. any use of the service after such posting shall constitute acceptance of such changes by you.

11.5 If a Court decides that any provision of this Contract cannot be enforced, that particular part of the Contract will not apply but the rest will. However the parties will negotiate in good faith to restate such provision to reflect the original intentions of the parties as nearly as is possible in accordance with applicable law, and the remaining provisions of this Agreement. The invalidity, illegality or unenforceability of any provisions or part of any provision of this Agreement shall not affect or impact the continuation in force of the remainder of this Agreement, or provisions as the case may be.

11.6 Use of your information for marketing purposesUnless you specifically deny your consent subject to below, by accepting these Terms and Conditions you as an employer grant us the right to use and disclose your company name and brand (including trademark, service mark or other brand information) for the purposes of marketing and advertising of our services. This also includes our right to inform potential interested clients of services provided to you, by giving brief and basic information of our cooperation in any given matter. You may rescind these rights granted to us at any time, by giving us relevant written notice.

11.7 The section headings appearing in this Agreement are inserted only as a matter of convenience and in no way define, limit, construe or describe the scope or extent of such section or in any way affect such section.

11.8 Where the context so admits or requires, words denoting the singular include the plural and vice versa, words denoting any gender (or the neuter) include both genders and the neuter. Section headings are purely for ease of reference and do not form part of or affect the interpretation of this Agreement. References to “include” and “including” shall be deemed to mean respectively “include(s) without limitation” and “including without limitation”. References to each party to this Agreement include references to its successors and permitted assigns.

11.9 These Terms are only available in English.

11.10 The Terms and Conditions are personal to you. You may not assign your rights or obligations to anyone.

Contact details
E-mail : hello@fintechjobs.today

1. Descrizione del servizio

Offriamo un mercato unico contenente le informazioni rilevanti per i candidati e i potenziali datori di lavoro con opportunità di lavoro in Italia. I presenti Termini e condizioni possono essere modificati di volta in volta; la versione più recente è sempre disponibile sul nostro sito web. Per utilizzare il Servizio, l'utente deve candidarsi tramite uno dei nostri link ufficiali, come il modulo di candidatura del sito web o un link di riferimento che gli è stato fornito da un community manager o da un altro membro della community.

2.Interruzioni o interruzione del Servizio

.1 Ci riserviamo il diritto di sospendere il Servizio per lavori di riparazione, manutenzione e/o aggiornamento. In tale evento, il Fornitore (FintechJobs.Today) farà sforzi ragionevoli per mantenere la suddetta interruzione il più breve possibile con il minimo inconveniente per l'Utente (Membro della Comunità).

2.2 Noi miriamo a rendere il sistema il più ampiamente accessibile possibile. A causa degli aspetti tecnici delle connessioni Internet e della telefonia mobile, su cui il Servizio non ha alcuna influenza, possono tuttavia verificarsi di tanto in tanto interruzioni nel trasferimento dei dati. Il Gestore non può quindi fornire alcuna garanzia sull'accessibilità del sistema o sull'accessibilità dei singoli partecipanti, tuttavia fornire le migliori prestazioni possibili è uno degli obiettivi principali del Gestore.

3.Limitazione di responsabilità ed esclusione di garanzie

.1 Ad eccezione delle giurisdizioni in cui tali disposizioni sono limitate, l'utente accetta che la nostra intera responsabilità nei confronti dell'utente o di qualsiasi terza persona, e il rimedio esclusivo dell'utente o di qualsiasi terza persona, è limitato solo alle spese che l'utente può sostenere quando acquista qualsiasi servizio futuro da noi.

3.2. Faremo del nostro meglio per presentare le competenze e le informazioni relative al candidato al datore di lavoro interessato, tuttavia il Fornitore non è una società di reclutamento e non è responsabile delle decisioni del datore di lavoro e delle future relazioni tra candidati e datori di lavoro.

3.3 I requisiti del lavoro, i benefit aziendali e le fasce salariali sono redatti esclusivamente dai datori di lavoro. Non abbiamo il controllo sulle intenzioni del datore di lavoro e sulla corrispondenza tra i requisiti professionali e le esigenze del datore di lavoro. Facciamo del nostro meglio per chiarire i requisiti del datore di lavoro richiedendo a quest'ultimo di compilare le relative domande e i moduli.

4.Dati personali

.1 Trattiamo le informazioni che vi riguardano in conformità alla nostra politica sulla privacy. Utilizzando i Servizi, l'utente acconsente a tale trattamento e garantisce che tutti i dati da lui forniti sono accurati.

5.Arbitrato e legge applicabile

.1 Il mezzo esclusivo per risolvere qualsiasi controversia o reclamo derivante da o relativo ai presenti Termini d'uso (inclusa qualsiasi presunta violazione degli stessi), al Servizio o al Sito web sarà l'arbitrato.

5.2 Tutte le controversie o i reclami derivanti da o in relazione al presente contratto, comprese le controversie relative alla sua validità, violazione, risoluzione o nullità, saranno risolte in via definitiva ai sensi del Regolamento Arbitrale del Centro Arbitrale Internazionale della CCIAA (Camera di Commercio Milano Monza Brianza Lodi - Sede Milano) da un arbitro nominato in conformità al suddetto Regolamento.

5.3 Il numero degli arbitri è uno.

5.4 Si applica il diritto sostanziale italiano.

5.5 La lingua da utilizzare nel procedimento arbitrale sarà l'italiano.

5.6 Risoluzione delle controversie pre-arbitrali. Siamo sempre interessati a risolvere le controversie in modo amichevole ed efficiente. Pertanto, prima di avviare un arbitrato, vi suggeriamo di contattarci per spiegare il vostro reclamo, in quanto potremmo essere in grado di risolverlo senza dover ricorrere all'arbitrato. Potete contattarci all'indirizzo hello@fintechjobs.today.


.1 Le notifiche relative al presente contratto vengono effettuate pubblicandole sul nostro sito web o inviandole all'indirizzo e-mail fornito dall'utente al Fornitore

6.2 I presenti Termini sono disponibili solo in inglese

6.3 I Termini e le Condizioni sono personali per l'utente. L'utente non può cedere i propri diritti o obblighi a nessuno.

Dettagli di contatto


Data Used

We are bound by the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679). We retain your personal data to fulfil our legal and regulatory obligations. We use and store the information you enter on FintechJobs.Today or provide to us in any other way, for instance, by submitting relevant application forms. Such personal data may include contact data (e.g. name, surname, position, email address and other contact details like your LinkedIn profile and mobile phone number) and personal data (Candidate’s CV and supporting documentation you provide to us). We process personal data only for connecting companies and candidates as well as improving this process over time.

How we protect your data

We put in place appropriate measures that are designed to prevent unauthorised access to, and misuse of, your personal data. These include physical, electronic and administrative safeguards such as firewalls, data encryption, SSL and other up-to-date technologies. Only those employees/private contractors who require personal information regarding our customers to fulfil their obligations gain access to such information. If you suspect any misuse or loss of or unauthorised access to your personal information, please let us know immediately via email (hello@fintechjobs.today).

Services we use for tracking performance

MailerLite for Email usage statistics
HotJar for Website usage analytics
Google Analytics for Website usage analytics
LinkedIn Insights for social campaign performance
Elfsight for cookie consent and acceptance
Webflow for public-facing website usage
AWS for content delivery and application-level usage

The respective privacy practices can be found on each provider's Privacy page.

Your rights

In case you direct an inquiry to FintechJobs.Today, we save the communication history with you as well as the information and data submitted in the course of this communication (e.g. an email address) in order to optimally answer your request and any further follow-ups. You have, upon such request, the right to cost-free information about the personal data stored in regard to your person. Furthermore, you have a right to have such personal data corrected, blocked, transferred or deleted. For requests pertaining to information, amendments or deletion, please send a mail, along with your name, mobile number, email contact address, to: hello@fintechjobs.today

Where you have applied for a job, this is stored in our internal applicant tracking system for a maximum period of 3 years. With regards to your overall account in the community, you can remove yourself from the platform at any time. Alternatively if you are not interested in our services anymore, you can contact us via hello@fintechjobs.today and ask for the deletion of all personal data. After that we will delete your personal information permanently within thirty (30) days. You have the right to be forgotten and write us a request to delete all personal data. Furthermore, you can always ask for electronic copy of your own personal data and ask for information about the processing of your data via hello@fintechjobs.today. In case of a data breach or a system malfunction that impacts your data, you will be notified about it during 72 hours. Please direct your queries to: hello@fintechjobs.today

How will your information be used

We are authorized to use the information we hold about you in the following ways:

To notify you about community announcements, updates, new jobs or additional services either directly from ourselves or from partnering companies (such as employers or sponsors);
To request from you to update your profile so we may offer you more relevant content
To help us improve the structure, layout and usability of the Site;
To answer any questions you may raise or respond to any comments you may send to us;
To notify you about changes to our service or the functionality of the Site;
To ensure that you are complying with the terms and conditions of use and with our statutory and regulatory obligations;
To deliver marketing messages should we decide that the service offered may carry an interest for you.
If you change your mind, you can opt-out at any time. For this, you need to send a request to hello@fintechjobs.today

When applying for a community profile or accepting an invite you acknowledge and agree to these terms.

Sharing your personal data

We may be required by law to disclose all or part of your information to third parties. We may share your personal data with our professional advisers, such as our lawyers, where it is necessary for them to advise us. Other persons if we are under a duty to disclose or share your information in order to comply with any legal obligation.

Use of Cookies and Analysis programs

While using FintechJobs.Today we may place temporary and permanent cookies for monitoring and improving the functionality and usage of our website. We use functionality, session and analytics cookies. At any time you can delete or block cookies through your browser settings. However, some of them are necessary for the functionality of FintechJobs.Today. For the purposes of improving your user experience when using our services, we track activities you perform on our website and some of your personal data is disclosed to a web analytics, applicant tracking system (ATS) and other services providers. For example, we track your activity in relation to links that you click on our website (including links to third party websites). Web analytics service providers analyze your use of our web platform and services so that we can make our website work better for you. At the moment of accepting these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, your personal data is transferred to the following web analytics service and email marketing software: Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. For more information, please visit policies.google.com/privacyWe may amend this Privacy Policy to remain compliant with any changes in law and/or to reflect how our business processes personal data. This version was last updated on 16th May 2022. The most recent version is available at fintechjobs.today/terms

Your rights

In case you direct an inquiry to FintechJobs.Today, we save the communication history with you as well as the information and data submitted in the course of this communication (e.g. an email address) in order to optimally answer your request and any further follow-ups.You have, upon such request, the right to cost-free information about the personal data stored in regard to your person. Furthermore, you have a right to have such personal data corrected, blocked, transferred or deleted.For requests pertaining to information, amendments or deletion, please send a mail, along with your name, mobile number, email contact address, to: hello@fintechjobs.today.

All the personal information is stored in our internal ATS for a period of 3 years. After that period, all candidates are contacted and asked about their desire to stay in our internal database. If candidates are not more interested in our services, they can contact us via hello@fintechjobs.today and ask for deleting all personal data. After that we will delete your personal information permanently within thirty (30) days. You have the right to be forgotten and write us a request to delete all personal data. Furthermore, you can always ask for electronic copy of your own personal data and ask for information about the processing of your data via hello@fintechjobs.today. If the data breach happens, you will be notified about it within 72 hours. We look forward to your contact in case you might have requests, questions, or suggestions relating to data privacy. Please direct your request to: hello@fintechjobs.today